Welcome Masters, Coaches, all participants, and spectators. Thank you for joining us on this wonderful day.

As a President of California Taekwondo Committee (CTC) and Kukkiwon-­ USA, I am excited to introduce the 1st Los Angeles Invitational Taekwondo Championship/ Kukkiwon Taekwondo Hanmadang. I am absolutely certain that this tournament will showcase Taekwondo competition at the highest level and establish itself as a world-­class Taekwondo event.

2019 marks our 1st year hosting this tournament. Utilizing the latest state-­of-­the-­art technology, Los Angeles Invitational Taekwondo Championship promises to be the most exciting one to date. All rings will be equipped with an electronic scoring system, with monitor displays for each ring. We pledge to do everything in our ability to ensure that all of the matches are most accurate and fair. We also aim to ensure that everyone in the tournament, young and old, beginner and professional athlete alike, get the full experience of Taekwondo spirit.

I want to thank the California Taekwondo Committee (CTC) members for their hard work in putting together this year’s tournament and I hope everyone have a great time.

Time Event Location
7:00 AM Ticket Booth & Registration Open Competitor cards / Credentials Pickup / Late Registration Open
*Please make sure ONE representative will pick up the credentials (competitor, coach) for the school*
Petree Hall Entrance
7:30 AM Judges/ Referee / Staff Meeting Petree Hall Ring 1
8:00 AM 1st Poomsae Groups to Staging Petree Hall Staging Area
8:30 AM Poomsae Competition Begins
*Competitors will be called by their age & belt rank
Rings 1-6
11:00 AM Opening Ceremony Petree Hall
11:15 AM Kukkiwon Demonstration Team Performance Petree Hall
11:45 AM Picture with the Kukkiwon Demonstration Team*
Floor Setup for Breaking & Sport Team Poomsae
Petree Hall
11:50 AM Lunch Break
12:30 PM Breaking / Sport Team Poomsae Competition
Sparring Groups to Staging
Rings 1,2
1:00 PM Sparring Competition Rings 3-6